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"Serving Cultural Culinary Experiences One Bite At A Time"


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Macronutrient Meal Plan™

1. Weight Guidance Plan

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days

2. Lean Muscle Bulk-up Plan 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days

3.Convenience Plans

3x5 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 5 Days)

2x7 (Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days)

2x5 (Lunch & Dinner, 5 Days)

No Sugar or Flour!

The ingredients that are used by Chef Jarvis are always Fresh, Hormone, Antibiotic, Steroid & GMO Free. He takes a great deal of pride and care in selecting the highest quality ingredients available. All ingredients are sourced from Local Farmers Markets & Local Growers. 

Chef Jarvis Williams

Meet The Executive Chef

Chef Jarvis, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has more than 10 years of experience in food preparation, catering and event planning. He knows the fundamentals of the culinary profession and has developed a unique take on food by blending traditional cuisines with Southern influences to create

Cultural Culinary Experiences One Bite At A Time.”


Chef Jarvis prides himself in his ability to deliver extraordinary food to each of his clients. He embarked upon his culinary career as a never ending journey of cultural enlightenment which adds to the authenticity of each flavor he creates. A true foodie and born food enthusiast, he is described by those who know him as the “culturally conscious food guru.”


"Meals by Chef Jarvis are exquisite, flavorful, and a food lover's dream! The presentation of the food is a masterpiece in and of itself. I appreciate Chef Jarvis' creativity in the preparation of his dishes. He is always looking for ways to stretch the limit when it comes to food flavors. His Sweet Chili Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts and Raspberry Cheesecake Tarts were outstanding! I also appreciate Chef Jarvis' attention to detail and his mission to please his customer. This chef is a force to be reckoned with. He leaves his passion of food on the plate which leaves his customer with a unforgettable dining experience."

JD D. 

July 2016


"The food was amazing! The chef and his staff were very friendly and prepared. I felt as if I was dining in a five star restaurant. I would definitely recommend Social Express Catering to my family and friends!"

Al C.

July 2016

"Chef Jarvis' food was delicious, but we also appreciated his thoughtfulness about the menu and dietary restrictions for the folks participating in our retreat. Often when you focus on healthy, the thinking is that flavor suffers, but Jarvis delivered food that was tasty and good for you like Avocado toast and home fries with chickpeas. With Chef Jarvis, you get a gourmet palette with a nod to Southern cuisine and an appreciation for organic, healthy and delicious. He exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend you taste what he's cooking."

Henry T.

July 2016

"Chef Jarvis was outstanding! Great service, on time, professional, and made us the most delicious 3-course meal for our Girls Night Out weekend in the mountains. He is personable, charismatic, with the tools, skills, and presentation of a truly great Chef! He added to an overall beautiful experience and I so highly recommend him!"

Maggie C.

October 2016


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